Our goal is to clearly explain the options so you can decide on the perfect pool you want.

There are three types of pool finish to chose from and three types of finish!

The construction process difers slightly depending on which options you choose.


Fibreglass or One Piece pools are constructed utilising a fibreglass shell. The advantage of these are that the construction process is usually the most straightforward. They are low maintenance, installation is quick and they are both strong and durable. We find a site, dig the hole, support the frame and lower in the pool. Aesthetically, there are a huge range of options as to the design, shape and finish you might want. The disadvantages are that the initial cost is typically higher than a lined or tiled pool and you cannot customise them. Whilst there is plenty of choice as to the type of one piece pool available, the shape, size or depth cannot be altered for a bespoke requirement.


Concrete pools give the most flexibility. They are ideal for an extremely deep or large pool. They are very tough, although the pool finishes won't last as long as the gelcoat surface of a fibreglass pool. The main disadvantages are that they are more prone to algae problems and need a lot more maintenance. They also take the longest to install and the price of concrete is only going one way.


Panel pools are a hybrid between the two. They are ideal for family pools, give excellent flexibility regarding depth and width. These can also be tiled or lined. They are significantly cheaper than concrete pools and quicker to instal. The disadvantages are that depending on your soil type, they often need a thick concrete base under the pool and they are much harder to curve or install as an intricate shape.

  • The other parts of construction are the pipe work leading to the filtration unit, the heat pump and the cover.
  • The filtration unit and heat pump components need to be high spec and excellent quality.
  • With regards the cover, we recommend an automatic safety cover which can be above or below ground.
  • Good equipment provides ultimate peace of mind and reduces maintenance requirements significantly.
  • To see our latest builds and work please see our
Schematic of pool

‘An extremely practical and hardworking team. Being involved with them on this project has been a fantastic experience.’

Henry Forsythhh, Gorran Haven